On to Ashland – Oct. 4, 2013 to Jan. 2014

Z3We left Fremont the final time on Oct. 4, the day the Fremont house closed. Mark towed the Z3 behind our Chevy truck and I drove the Volt. The Volt could not make the trip on electric alone so we used a combination of the electric and the the gas engine, a generator that makes electricity once the battery is depleted. Here we are at a rest stop on Hwy 5 on the way to Ashland.

IMG_4255We had left Rose, our Airstream travel trailer, at the Holiday RV Park in Phoenix, a small town about 7 miles north of Ashland. This is the park we have stayed at since we began RVing in the Ashland area.

Phoenix2Ramblin’ Rose with the big black truck and the Volt at the RV park in Phoenix this photo was taken from the bridge on the side of the park.

PhoenixAnother view of Rose at the park. We lived here for approximately 5 weeks until the house closed and while we had work done on the house before we moved in.

HouseOn Oct. 28th the house closed, we met with our realtor to pick up the keys and took possession of our new (to us) house. Note the yellow leaf bearing trees in front of the house. These are Ginko trees which dumped their leaves on us for the next 3 or 4 weeks. The gardeners employed by the previous owners dropped by that day and we continued their employment to deal with the deluge of leaves.

GarageCarportThe back of the house with the carport and garage. It also includes room for an artist’s studio which I am going to use for my beading. We had a really cold snap (to us) in November and I tried beading there using space heaters for warmth. Still too cold, so we had an HVAC system installed to heat and cool the space. Nice.
Ace marking
This was Ace’s first visit to the house and he lost no time in making it his.


Before we had our furniture delivered and moved in we had new hardwood floors installed on the second floor. The wood for the floors had to be acclimatized before they could be installed.

FenceOur last pre move-in chore was to have the fences replaced to secure the yard for Ace. This included our side of the public walkway that runs between High Street and the alley behind our house. Movers

Two weeks after taking possession of the High Street house we had our furniture delivered and we moved in. Boxes

The house went from being empty to being totally stuffed.

Living Room with rugI was amazed but within a week we were mostly unpacked! Although we did have to replace some of our furniture with smaller pieces. The Ashland house is significantly smaller than the one in Fremont.

GuestBedroomHere is the rose bedroom, our primary guest bedroom. bedroom

And our master bedroom with the new bed we had built (the walls were too low for our headboard of our old bed, which is now in the rose bedroom).

Kitchen IslandOur new kitchen,  we added a kitchen island to get more drawers and counter space. The kitchen only had 2 drawers when we moved in! Fence in snow

A week after Thanksgiving we had a storm which left us with 8 inches of snow. Everyone kept telling us that this had not happened in 12 years. SolarWe will have to see.

In January 2014 we had a 5.4 kw solar system installed on our roofs. This was not as simple as the system in Fremont. We have solar panels on two smaller roofs on the main house and more on the roof of our garage.

We are pretty settled in our new life in Ashland and looking forward to showing this lovely city to our friends. To close, an Apple Blossom Camellia in our garden before it snowed.


1 thought on “On to Ashland – Oct. 4, 2013 to Jan. 2014

  1. Rebekah

    How terrific to see the start to finished (well, I doubt your stories will ever end any time soon). Your home in Ashland looks charming and full of love and artistry. Good luck and we’ll see you guys up there as soon as we decided which show(s) were going to attend at that Festival!
    Rebekah , Saul and Sassafras


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