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June 17 – 23, 2013 – Ashland, OR

We arrived in Ashland on June 16 after a long drive from Bodega Bay.  We were really tired and decided to treat our selves to a Mexican dinner at a restaurant within walking distance of the RV Park.

MexicanSi Casa Flores is in the small strip mall next to the RV Park.  It was really good and had beautiful murals on the walls. I almost went back to ask the owners if I could come in and take some pics, but chickened out.

Park from above

Here is a view of the RV park taken from the bridge over Bear Creek.

BearCreek2Bear Creek which runs next to the park.  When we first began coming here in the Roadtrek we parked next to the creek, but we park in the center of the park now in Rose. Most of the slots next to the creek are too small for Rose.Rose in Phoenix

Since we were going to be in the Ashland area for about a week, we put Rose’s awning down, got our lawn chairs setup and put up Ace’s pen on top of a mat. There were more burrs here and I was trying to keep them out of his fur. It reduced the number, but every time he was walked he had to be de-burred.AshlandDowntown Ashland; the large white building on the left is the Ashland Springs Hotel. The Festival is closed on Mondays, so we drove into Ashland and picked up our tickets from the box office and just wandered around.

We had tickets to two plays, both matinees and both indoors.  We decided against plays in the Elizabethan theater this trip because the weather was a bit unstable, both cooler and wetter than we had expected.


 We decided we didn’t want to leave Ace inside the trailer while we were at the theater.  We checked Yelp for Doggy Day care and found a highly rated facility about 5 minutes from the RV park.  When we picked him up after the theater he was exhausted.  🙂

Thomas TheaterOn Tuesday we saw “The Unfortunates” at the Thomas Theater.  The Thomas theater is the newest and smallest of the 3 Oregon Shakespeare Festival theater.  “The Unfortunates” is a world premiere musical.  “A musical pilgrimage through uniquely American genres delivers five prisoners to salvation — or at least keeps the terror at bay. Facing an uncertain end, they bring to life the story of Big Joe, a tough bartender who risks everything to save the armless courtesan Rae from a deadly plague.”

Bowmer TheatreOn Wednesday, we saw “My Fair Lady” at the Bowmer theater and Ace spent another day at doggy day care. The Bowmer is the largest of the two indoor theaters.  A musical, acting and singing; It was a great play!

GreenShowWhen we were hanging around the Festival Plaza we saw these young girls practicing for the Green Show. The Green Show is free entertainment offered 6 nights a week while the Elizabethan stage is running (June-October).Sleeping PupAce after a day a puppy day care. Note his use of a cushion as a head rest.  This in a Westie behavior; we belong to the East Bay Westies Meetup group and we see numerous photos of Westies and their chin rest there.  🙂LithiaPark Lithia Park, at one end of the Plaza in Ashland, was designed by John McLaren, landscape architect of the Golden Gate Park.Leaving AshlandThe view from HWY 5 when leaving Ashland, on our way back to the Bay Area. We spent Sunday night in Vacaville so we could drop Rose off at the new Airstream dealer in Fairfield first thing Monday morning.Agricultural StationAn Agricultural checkpoint when entering California.  Because Agriculture is such an important park of California’s economy there are such checkpoints whenever you enter the state. ClassAA class A motorhome with it’s toad (the towed car).  Motorhomes are divided into 3 classes:  Class A, the big buses, Class B, van conversions, like our Roadtrek, and Class C, built on what is known as a cutaway van chassis. Airstream FairfieldInside the Fairfield Airstream dealership,  which is a huge warehouse structure. The night before we put all our stuff in the BBT, big black truck, so we could drop Rose off to have the warranty work done.NilesCanyonWe returned to Fremont via the scenic route which goes through Niles Canyon.