June 16 – from Bodega Bay to Ashland, OR

AshlandIt was an interesting trip from Bodega Bay to Ashland, OR because Bodega Bay is on the Pacific Coast and HWY 5, the main route to Ashland, is in mid state.  There was no direct route, rather we had to meander our way to HWY 5. CA1 to the Valley Fort/Petaluma Rd to Hwy 101 to Hwy 37 to Hwy 80 to Hwy 505 and finally Hwy 5 all the way to Oregon!


Driving through West Sonoma county. Like West Marin it’s agricultural and undeveloped. It is why driving the North California coast is so enjoyable.

505A total change – 505 to Hwy 5.  Showing the golden fields and hills that makes California the Golden State.

TravelingPupAce is a great traveler, except he does not want to stay in his puppy seat.  He just has enough give in the leash that connects him to the seat belt that he can get out of the puppy seat and into the middle of the back seat.  Sometimes he gets out at a different angle and can’t move and I have to release the seat belt and he promptly climbs into the front seat and my lap. Happy Westie!

Hwy5HWY 5 is not very scenic until you get to around Red Bluff and Redding and then it gets a lot more interesting.  Still very hot but slowly climbing thru the foothills and then the Trinity Alps which separate Redding from the Shasta Valley.ShastaLake

After Redding is Lake Shasta. It is fairly low this year because we have had a very dry winter. Strange weather actually, a dry winter followed by rain in late June. Rain this late in the season is almost unheard of.Mt.ShastaMount Shasta and it’s sister peak, Shastina. We are nearing the southern edge of the Shasta Valley.BlackButteBlack Butte is a large black cinder cone north of Mount Shasta.


The Siskiyou range separates Northern California from Souther Oregon. It is about an hour from Yreka at the north end of the Shasta Valley and Ashland in southern Oregon.

IMG_4255When visiting Ashland and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival we stay at the Holiday RV Park in Phoenix, OR. Phoenix is about 10 miles north of Ashland and sits between 99 and 5.


2 thoughts on “June 16 – from Bodega Bay to Ashland, OR

  1. Dixie

    Thanks Nancy – since they are for the web I take them all with my IPhone. I have it with me most of the time and it takes pretty good photos.


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