June 11, 2013 – Samuel P Taylor Park

Samuel P TaylorThis is our first trip since my knee replacement surgery.  Because of that we are not sure how long it will last.  We have definite plans to go to Samuel P Taylor Park in West Marin and then on to Bodega Bay on the seaside in Sonoma.

It is a short drive from Fremont to Samuel P Taylor State Park, only an hour and 20 minutes.

Ace had a great time, because much of the drive was on Sir Francis Drake driving through Marin and his window was down allowing him to have the full dog experience. Having his head out the window to catch all the exotic, to him, scents.

AceOutWindowWe soon spotted the entrance to the park and pulled in.  The roads were clearly marked allowing us to easily find our spot. Samuel P Taylor is set in a redwood grove, very impressive, with all the big trees.

Our space was perfect, a pull through that fit both Rose and our tow vehicle. On top of a little hill with a nice view.

RoseRedwoodsAs soon as we arrived we took Ace out for a walk to check out the Orchard Hill Campground where we were located.  When we returned and looked at our puppy we realized that he was covered with burs.  He did not enjoy them being removed. I found them were from a plant with small blue flowers, which we then avoided as much as possible. Burrs

Besides being in the redwoods, the park also has streams where salmon run.  We discovered one while walking around the park.  It was marked with this sign.

SalmonSignWe have friends who live in Fairfax, about 20 minutes from the park.  We have known them since we lived in San Rafael, over 20 years ago.  They lived across the street from us in a large yellow Victorian house. We spend an afternoon with them, drinking wine and watching Ace chase around their huge back yard.  We had a great salmon dinner with them, yum. This is the view of their house from the back.WalkupHouseAce was really happy, a big yard to run around and  Squirrels! I think this was the highlight of the trip so far for him.  Here he is in mid chase.

SquireelBabs and Dave are Giants fans, as Mark and I are.  Here is Bab’s modeling her Romo jersey.  Go Giants!!!RomoJersey

The next day Mark and Ace met the owner of a 1961 Bambi parked down the hill from us.Meet&Greet

LockLater that morning when I went out and closed the trailer door, the lock failed.  Ace and both our phones were locked in the trailer with us outside! We had just joined the Good Sam Roadside Assistance program and their number was on the trailer.  Mark borrowed a phone from the owner of the Bambi and called them.  Two hours later an locksmith from Berkley showed up.  He picked the lock, but the door still did not open.  He punched the lock cylinder out, but it still did not open.  It took him another 45 minutes to get the door open! Now we have an empty hole where the door lock should be! But, we still have a dead bolt to secure the trailer.

This was our last day at the park and Friday morning we were back on the road headed up HWY 1 to Bodega Bay.


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