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June 16 – from Bodega Bay to Ashland, OR

AshlandIt was an interesting trip from Bodega Bay to Ashland, OR because Bodega Bay is on the Pacific Coast and HWY 5, the main route to Ashland, is in mid state.  There was no direct route, rather we had to meander our way to HWY 5. CA1 to the Valley Fort/Petaluma Rd to Hwy 101 to Hwy 37 to Hwy 80 to Hwy 505 and finally Hwy 5 all the way to Oregon!


Driving through West Sonoma county. Like West Marin it’s agricultural and undeveloped. It is why driving the North California coast is so enjoyable.

505A total change – 505 to Hwy 5.  Showing the golden fields and hills that makes California the Golden State.

TravelingPupAce is a great traveler, except he does not want to stay in his puppy seat.  He just has enough give in the leash that connects him to the seat belt that he can get out of the puppy seat and into the middle of the back seat.  Sometimes he gets out at a different angle and can’t move and I have to release the seat belt and he promptly climbs into the front seat and my lap. Happy Westie!

Hwy5HWY 5 is not very scenic until you get to around Red Bluff and Redding and then it gets a lot more interesting.  Still very hot but slowly climbing thru the foothills and then the Trinity Alps which separate Redding from the Shasta Valley.ShastaLake

After Redding is Lake Shasta. It is fairly low this year because we have had a very dry winter. Strange weather actually, a dry winter followed by rain in late June. Rain this late in the season is almost unheard of.Mt.ShastaMount Shasta and it’s sister peak, Shastina. We are nearing the southern edge of the Shasta Valley.BlackButteBlack Butte is a large black cinder cone north of Mount Shasta.


The Siskiyou range separates Northern California from Souther Oregon. It is about an hour from Yreka at the north end of the Shasta Valley and Ashland in southern Oregon.

IMG_4255When visiting Ashland and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival we stay at the Holiday RV Park in Phoenix, OR. Phoenix is about 10 miles north of Ashland and sits between 99 and 5.


June 14-15, 2013 – Bodega Bay

map-BodegaBayOn Friday morning we left Samuel P Taylor and headed for CA 1 and Bodega Bay.  It was only about an hour and a half drive, so we had a leisurely morning  in the park and arrived at the RV park in Bodega Bay around 1 PM.

We took Sir Francis Drake to Olema, where we turned right onto California One and headed north.


PointReyesStationThe first small town we passed through was Point Reyes Reyes Station.


Continuing north we drove along Tomales Bay.HWY1Highway One is a beautiful winding road that hugs the CA coast.dinucci's

We driving through Valley Ford we passed Dinucci’s, an old style Italian restaurant, where we had many enjoyable dinners when we lived in Petaluma and San Rafael.

AgricultureWest Marin and Sonoma are zoned agricultural, which maintains the rural atmosphere of the area.

RoseRamblin’ Rose at the Porto Bodega Marina & RV Park.


This is an interesting RV park in that it is located next to a marina. The 5th wheel parked next to us had a big crab pot.  They went out crabbing in the morning and came back and had a crab lunch.


We had a wonderful seafood dinner that evening at Lucas Wharf Restaurant.

Mark           Dixie

Here we are waiting for dinner to be served.


Ace had his first beach experience.


Seaweed – good to roll in; Saltwater – Yuk.

WalkThe next morning dawned foggy; Mark took Ace for a walk before it burned off.

BaseballGameThat afternoon Mark and Ace watched the baseball game.

DogOutsideThe 5th wheel next door had a big black dog; here is Ace checking him out.

The next morning, Sunday, we left for Ashland, OR and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

June 11, 2013 – Samuel P Taylor Park

Samuel P TaylorThis is our first trip since my knee replacement surgery.  Because of that we are not sure how long it will last.  We have definite plans to go to Samuel P Taylor Park in West Marin and then on to Bodega Bay on the seaside in Sonoma.

It is a short drive from Fremont to Samuel P Taylor State Park, only an hour and 20 minutes.

Ace had a great time, because much of the drive was on Sir Francis Drake driving through Marin and his window was down allowing him to have the full dog experience. Having his head out the window to catch all the exotic, to him, scents.

AceOutWindowWe soon spotted the entrance to the park and pulled in.  The roads were clearly marked allowing us to easily find our spot. Samuel P Taylor is set in a redwood grove, very impressive, with all the big trees.

Our space was perfect, a pull through that fit both Rose and our tow vehicle. On top of a little hill with a nice view.

RoseRedwoodsAs soon as we arrived we took Ace out for a walk to check out the Orchard Hill Campground where we were located.  When we returned and looked at our puppy we realized that he was covered with burs.  He did not enjoy them being removed. I found them were from a plant with small blue flowers, which we then avoided as much as possible. Burrs

Besides being in the redwoods, the park also has streams where salmon run.  We discovered one while walking around the park.  It was marked with this sign.

SalmonSignWe have friends who live in Fairfax, about 20 minutes from the park.  We have known them since we lived in San Rafael, over 20 years ago.  They lived across the street from us in a large yellow Victorian house. We spend an afternoon with them, drinking wine and watching Ace chase around their huge back yard.  We had a great salmon dinner with them, yum. This is the view of their house from the back.WalkupHouseAce was really happy, a big yard to run around and  Squirrels! I think this was the highlight of the trip so far for him.  Here he is in mid chase.

SquireelBabs and Dave are Giants fans, as Mark and I are.  Here is Bab’s modeling her Romo jersey.  Go Giants!!!RomoJersey

The next day Mark and Ace met the owner of a 1961 Bambi parked down the hill from us.Meet&Greet

LockLater that morning when I went out and closed the trailer door, the lock failed.  Ace and both our phones were locked in the trailer with us outside! We had just joined the Good Sam Roadside Assistance program and their number was on the trailer.  Mark borrowed a phone from the owner of the Bambi and called them.  Two hours later an locksmith from Berkley showed up.  He picked the lock, but the door still did not open.  He punched the lock cylinder out, but it still did not open.  It took him another 45 minutes to get the door open! Now we have an empty hole where the door lock should be! But, we still have a dead bolt to secure the trailer.

This was our last day at the park and Friday morning we were back on the road headed up HWY 1 to Bodega Bay.

Jan. 20 to 26 – Yuma, Palm Desert, Bakersfield to Home

After Tucson we decided to leave the caravan and head home. The caravan was heading north into New Mexico and the weather was forecast to get a lot colder.  My knee was not happy with cold weather and we decided to go to Palm Desert which was forecast to be in the mid 80’s.

Our route back to Fremont: A-Tucson, AZ, B-Yuma,AZ, C-Bakersfield, CA, D-Fremont, CA

Route Home

We haven’t had an Ace shot recently; her he is in the backseat of the truck using the arm rest as a chin rest.DSCF9160

We started out going through the Sonoran desert with many  saguaro cacti.DSCF9136

Beautiful mountains in the distance.

DSCF9150We stayed overnight in a transient slot in the Desert Paradise RV Resort – not very exciting, but we were only there overnight.

DSCF9172Across from our slot was a beautiful vintage trailerDSCF9173

The next morning we were back on the road heading back to California – an Agricultural Check Point soon after entering California


We passed by the Salton Sea.DSCF9190

In Palm Desert we stayed at the Emerald Desert RV Resort – this really was a resort, beautifully landscaped with multiple pools. Bocce Ball Courts, clubhouse and driving ranges.  We are seriously thinking about going back next year during the rainy season.
DSCF9208There was a second Airstream parked next to our rig.DSCF9209We stayed in Palm Desert for 4 days and then we were back on the road again … this time to Bakersfield. A Joshua Tree on the way out of Palm Desert. As I have mentioned before, I love Joshua trees  🙂DSCF9226Our route took us through the Tehachapi Mountains

DSCF9259When we dropped back into the valley around Bakersfield we were surrounded by fog, beautiful buy hazardous to drive through.DSCF9264Once more we stayed at the Orange Grove RV Park. mostly because Mark wanted more of their oranges.DSCF9266The next morning we picked up HWY 5 and returned to Fremont.

Jan. 18 – Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

The highlight of our time in Tucson was the visit to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.  I was incredibly lucky that another couple has a mobile cart with them and loaned it to me to visit the museum.  Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of me in it. 😦

At the entrance to the Museum was a ASDM docent giving a demonstration talk with the help of a raptor.


Here’s a close up of the handsome bird …


Here we are entering the museum, passing a Saguaro and it’s nurse plant.DSCF9062

More cactiDSCF9066

We were soon at the museum’s walk-in aviary, you walked through a mesh curtain and you are inside a huge aviary full of different species of birds.DSCF9072

Among the tree branches were bird nests, made with whatever the parent birds could find.DSCF9088

Nearby was another docent with a Barn Owl, a really beautiful bird.DSCF9076

Display of Bighorn SheepDSCF9097One thing I did not expect a desert museum was an Aquarium, but new Warden Aquarium opened in January, 2013. A full understanding of the Sonoran Desert region isn’t possible without recognizing the importance of the freshwater rivers that flow through it and the Sea of Cortez which are critical to this desert’s status as the lushest desert on earth.DSCF9105

Out of the Aquarium, so of our caravan members taking a break.DSCF9090On the way back to the fairgrounds we passed some decorative overpasses.

overpassThat evening we had a memorable dinner at Carusso’s Italian Restaurant which has served Tucson since the 1930’s … yum Sign

Jan. 17 – to Tucson, AZ

This is a bit late (May), I was trying to get the Caravan blog done before my knee replacement surgery and didn’t quite make it.  😦  So, I’m going to try and remember what we did last January and get this finished before we begin our next trip.

Here is the route we took from Hickiwan Trails RV Park in Why to the Pima County Fairgrounds RV Campground in Tucson. Almost all through the Sonoran desert.

Why to Tucson

Here we are with the small group of RV’s we began our trip with leaving the RV Park.DSCF9003

Driving down the West Tucson Ajo toward Tuscon

DSCF9011AZ route 86 through the Sonoran desert was fined with Saguaro cacti. It was a beautiful drive.


More beautiful desert scenery.DSCF9037A windmill in the desert.

DSCF9024 We had to cross Tucson to get to the Pima County Fairground RV Park.  It is in the outskirts of Tucson.


We finally arrived at the Pima County Fairgrounds RV Park. A windy, dry place. It was a pretty unpleasant place to stay and I don’t have any photos of it.